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The Unofficial Guide
Absolute Leadership

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Taking the unofficial approach towards leadership... by creating followers!

Each and every leader is a follower of basic ethics, morals, principles, codes of conduct and system(s) of belief/ieves.  These guidelines are estalished through observing the external (visual/sound/touch etc) and internal (emotions, feelings, relations etc) environments throughout life - starting from childhood.

Learning is an ongoing process. Those who stop learning are infact those who have died. From the time we were born till our last breath- we either learn or refuse knowledge. Leaders are those who accept responsibilities and adapt for success.

Education defines wrong and identifies what is right. Wisdom reflects in one's judgement and empowers those who stand strong in favor of truth.
Providing useful resources on leadership, management, coaching and more - all in one place. A collection of resources challenging your core understanding and basic concepts of self awareness, social responsibilites and cause of creation - the main ingredients for successive and progressive learning.

From basics to advanced - presenting the core concepts of leadership.

Explaining the types of leadership and discussing the variations taught in main stream institutions.

Providing independant resources for self actualization - realization, growth and progression.

Ethical approach towards leadership!
Explaining the science behind interactions - individual, team and progressive.

Breaking down interactions into segments
Learning beyond books - the realistic and practical approach.

Thinking beyong planning, organizing, leading and controlling!

Defining styles, roles, steps functions and restrictions of management.
Redefining the spirit of coaching.

Building trust

Becoming a good listener

Understanding personalities

Observe environments and controls

Opportunity identification

Skills transfer and more...
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