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Life of The Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)
May peace be unto those who take guidance and accept truth
Born in the city of Makkah/Meccah, in Hijaz - now known as Saudi Arabia - in the year 570 CE

  • Father Abd-Allah Ibn Abd-Al-Muttalib died at the age of 26 - 2/4 months before the birth of The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
  • Mother Aminah Bint Wahb died during travel at Al-Abwa when The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was 6 years in age
  • Paternal Grandfather Abd-Al-Muttalib Shaybah-Ibn-Hashim died at age 81 in Meccah when The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was 8 years old
  • Uncle Abu-Talib Ibn Abd-Al-Muttalib died at the age of 80 in Meccah
Life Before Prophethood


First Revelation
Cave of Hira

The Arc Angel - Gabriel (May Allah Be Pleased With)


Post Revelation



Migration to Abyssinia
  • .
Hamza (May Allah Be Pleased With) Accepts Islam
  • .
Omar (May Allah Be Pleased With) Accepts Islam

Death of Khadija
  • .
Death of Abu Talib

Isra & Miraj - The Night Journey
Travel From Mecca To Jerusalem

Ascension To Heaven

Aba Bakr (RA) Gets The Title Of As-Siddique

Migration To Medina
Taking The Oath

Settling In

The First Islamic Government

Opening Of Makkah
Breaking Of The Treaty By Quraish

Negotiations & Take Over

General Forgiveness By The Prophet (PBUH)

Final Years
Battle Of Hunayn

Year Of Deligations

Last Days

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